Wishing You, Love and Light ~ Body Scrub


What are sugar scrubs?

Sugar scrubs are a carefully formulated in-home spa treatment.  They are fantastic for removing dead skin cells and excess dirt/oils from the face, body and feet.

When I smelled this fragrance, it took me back to when my ohana and I landed on The Big Island.  Upon exiting our Hawaiian Airlines Jet, the aroma that greeted us was that of Plumeria, Hawaii’s State Flower.

Naming this product came to me while sitting on the lanai of our rental home for 10 days.  It drizzled twice a day with the reward of a double or triple rainbow that hung freely over the ocean.  Until we meet again.


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SCENT: The exotic Plumeria flower highlights this fresh, clean and delightful tropical floral fragrance from The Flaming Candle.  ( Fiji State Flower: Plumeria )

WEIGHT:  7 ounces

COLOR: Yellow

INGREDIENTS USED: Foaming bath butter, White Sugar, Avocado oil, Preservative, Vitamin E, Mica, Fragrance

USAGE TIP: Once a month in cold months

EXTRA GOODIES INCLUDED: Small bamboo spoon

All of our products are Palm-free