Vlad ~ Hand Soap


Why a gory bloodied clotted soap?  Why not!

It is said that in 1897 Bram Stoker’s Gothic masterpiece Dracula was introduced to the world.  Back then folks suggested that his novel was based on the cheery lad we all know and love; Vlad III Drăculea.

His nickname Dracula means “son of Dracul” which is derived from the Latin draco (“dragon”) after his father’s initiation into the Order of the Dragon, a group formed to defend Christian Europe against the Ottoman Empire in 1436.

Vlad received some pretty crappy news in 1448; his father and older brother had been assassinated by nobles one year earlier.  Upon hearing this news, our cheery chap basically went “nucking futz” and began his revengeful blood-lust against the empire who murdered his family.

Enter Vlad the Impaler. 


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FRAGRANCE: Bite Me! is a Nature’s Garden original.  Because berry and cherry create a delicious blend, notes of lime and orange bring balance

WEIGHT: Due to being hand-cut, weights will vary

REBATCHED SOAP INGREDIENTS: Coconut, Olive, Castor oils, Lard, Shea butter, Glycerin soap, Mica, Cosmetic glitter

TIPS: Use a soap dish that drains and keeping your soap dry between uses will help it last longer.

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