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Please note: Due to being hand poured, weight may vary between bars.

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When my grandson Troy, who has eczema asked me to make him a cool bar of soap and I delivered by using only two ingredients; Olive Oil and Activated Charcoal.  In a junkyard, vehicles are subjected to the harsh elements because of sitting outdoors; rust and sun bleaching are common.  Therefore, soda ash (which is harmless) mimics the weathered look and air pockets during the soap pour replicates the chunks of the body that has rusted away.  Please note that this soap will not lather due to it being 100% olive oil.  

Enclosed with your soap is a soap dish, a loofah slice!  Loofah has a fibrous interior that allows consistent air flow around the wet soap ensuring that it will dry thoroughly and last longer.

Natural Ingredients:

  • olive oil
  • activated charcoal

Other vehicle molds available:  Pickup truck and SUV  (see product gallery)

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