Rebirth of Spring ~ Body Scrub


Giving a name to a product that matches a fragrance can sometimes be a real challenge; however Rebirth of Spring & Merlins Forest were a perfect match.  Everything old becomes anew when spring is reborn. 

A customer at a craft market picked up a jar of Rebirth of Spring and took a whiff of the attached fragrance card.  She became deep in thought and asked, “Why does this smell so familiar?”  My response was, “A newborn baby’s hair”.  She agreed!

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SCENT: Merlins Forest has woodland roses, baby violets and geraniums with a hint of patchouli from The Flaming Candle.

WEIGHT:  7 ounces

COLOR: Yellow & Green (pale)

INGREDIENTS USED: Foaming bath butter, White Sugar, Avocado oil, Preservative, Vitamin E, Mica, Fragrance

USAGE TIP: Once a month in cold months

EXTRA GOODIES INCLUDED: Small bamboo spoon

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