My Ugly Stepsister Shave Soap *Coconut Oil-Free* Unisex


Shave soaps burst onto the scene in the 14th century until WWI when shaving cream showed up and ruined the party.  Party pooper!

When I was a little girl my father would take me to the barber shop with him so he could get a trim.  I distinctly remember the aroma of that shop; pleasing and totally male.  The fragrance we used in My Ugly Stepsister Shave Soap reminded me of those times with dad at the barber shop; Shave and A Haircut FO.  This fragrance is very popular with everyone.

So, is my stepsister ugly?  Yes, poor girl.

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SCENT: Shave and A Haircut FO

WEIGHT: Due to being hand-cut, weights will vary

TIPS: Do not cover wet puck, allow to dry.

OILS / BUTTERS USED: Babassu, Castor, Avocado oils, Cocoa & Shea butters

BOTANICALS USED: Colloidal oatmeal

*This product is coconut oil-free

*All of our products are Palm oil-free