My Ugly Stepsister Mechanic Hand & Body Soap


For a mechanic a wide assortment of tools is needed whether they’re doing a routine oil change or pulling the engine and trans out of your 1988 Chevy Suburban (aka; Birtha). 

Removing grease and oil from those hard working hands is essential without drying them out. 

Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters were the inspiration for creating this butt-ugly bar of soap.

Hey, she ain’t pretty but you’re hands will thank you!

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SCENT: Lemongrass and Patchouli Essential Oils

WEIGHT: Approximately 6.8oz

TIPS: Use a soap dish that drains and keeping your soap dry between uses will help it last longer.

OILS / BUTTERS USED: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Lard and Shea Butter

BOTANICALS USED: Poppy Seeds, Green, Red and Kaolin Clays

*All of our products are Palm-Free!