Merlin’s Beard! Shave Soap


Shave soaps burst onto the scene in the 14th century and was the primary choice of shaving men up until WWI.  Once shaving cream came to the party, shave soap basically took a back seat.

Don’t women use shave soap?  Of course they do, otherwise we’d be walking around with beastly hairy legs /or armpits for that matter…unless that’s your jam and that’s cool.

Our signature fragrance is a pleasing marriage of two different fragrances loved by both male & female.  Maybe you’ll like it too!

⇒ All products are handmade by the owner of Gargoyle and Crow, Susan!


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SCENT: A marriage between two masculine fragrances by Wholesale Supplies Plus; Tobacco Leaf & Amber and Bourboned Tobacco Fragrance Oils.  Balance is key, balance is everything.

WEIGHT: Due to being hand-cut, weights will vary

TIPS: Do not cover wet puck, allow to dry.

OILS / BUTTERS USED: Babassu, Castor, Avocado oils, Cocoa & Shea butters

BOTANICALS USED: Colloidal oatmeal

*This product is Coconut and Palm-free!