Dirt Nap ~ Gardener Hand Soap


Growing up, my father had a large garden in our back yard along the north fence; he grew everything from onions to squash.  The love and dedication that my father gave to his garden was evident every spring & fall with an abundant harvest that we enjoyed.

Gardeners beat the snot out of their hands whether they are tending to rose bushes or turnips, they too need a kick ass bar of soap!

The clays used in our Dirt Nap Gardener Hand Soap work together to remove dirt and grime from the hands while Pumice and ground coffee do their exfoliating thing.

Seeing that ground coffee isn’t something that you’d want to use on your face, our French Green Clay Facial Soap is just a click away!  




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SCENT: A floral nature marries with top notes of citrus and aromatic by a decadent base of amber woods and musk from The Flaming Candle.  Inspired by the Polo® scent.  https://www.theflamingcandle.com/

WEIGHT: Due to being hand-cut, weights will vary

TIPS: Use a soap dish that drains and keeping your soap dry between uses will help it last longer.

OILS / BUTTERS USED: Coconut, Olive, Rice Bran, Avocado oils, Shea butter

BOTANICALS USED: Pumice, Ground coffee, Green, Red and Kaolin clays

*All of our products are Palm-Free!