Gentle Blossom Body Balm


Gentle Blossom Body Balm is an All-Natural blend of skin nourishing ingredients designed not only to be a protective barrier for the skin but to also soothe and moisturize.   

Using the Gentle Blossom Body Balm is easy by carefully rubbing the bar onto the skin and the heat from your body will melt it; massage it over and in to your skin.


*Note: Wrapped lotion bars, ribbons and Tarot card not included.


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SCENT: Fragrance-Free

WEIGHT: Approximately 3.8oz


BUTTERS USED: Mango and shea

WAX USED: Candelilla

PRESERVATIVE USED: None because there is no water

TIPS: When not in use, keep wrapped and away from heat

 *All of our products are Palm-Free!