Fresh Cut Lilac ~ Soy Wax Melt


TRIVIA QUESTION: What is a chandler?  ANSWER: A candlemaker.

Way back when before the invention of electricity folks were praising the gods for fire.  In 500 BCE the Romans got creative and invented candles by dipping flammable material into rendered animal fat which is called tallow.

So who invented the wax melt?  The chandler of course!  Since these folks had been using the same candle recipe for eons, every now and then there was extra batter (candle wax).  So instead of discarding it, the extra wax was poured into tins that were used for baking bread.  Once it was completely cooled, Voila! ~ the wax melt was born!

I honestly had no idea what fragrance notes stood for until my husband and I went to my HSCG Great Lakes Chapter Conference this past March in Canton, Michigan.  This conference was especially cool because there was a candle making workshop that gave us all the opportunity to make our own candle along with designing our own specific fragrance blend.  My mind was officially blown!

Understanding Fresh Cut Lilac Fragrance specific notes:

  • Top Notes (b4 the melt): lilac bouquets
  • Middle Notes (the melt): dewy greens
  • Bottom Notes (cooling down): soft spring air


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FRAGRANCE: Fresh Cut Lilac from BeScented

WEIGHT: 2.60 ounces

COLOR: Light Purple

TIPS: Use wisely.  Read the inside *Warning Label* completely before using.  Keep out of reach of  children and pets.

* Our hand poured soy wax melts are Palm-free