Olive Oil Felted Soap Bundle ~ Five for $30.00 *Free Shipping*


Long before washcloths and loofah, folks would place a bar of soap into a handmade little pouch and use it in the tub.

Felted Soap has been around for centuries but what exactly is Felted Soap?  Long story short it’s a bar of soap that has been wrapped in wool roving, plunged into very hot water and massaged until the wool fibers become intertwined.

Under no circumstance will the wool scratch or irritate the skin, on the contrary, it is unbelievably soft and the lather is splendid.  Good-bye Mr. Washcloth!

* Remove protective cover before using.

*Note: Wicker basket and decorative holly not included.

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SCENT: Fragrance-Free

WEIGHT: Approximately 4.25oz

TIPS: Use a soap dish that drains and keeping your soap dry between uses will help it last longer.

OILS USED: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

WOOL USED: Merino sheep, hand-dyed and Alpaca

*All of our products are Palm-Free!

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