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What is a shower steamer?  Shower steamers are pucks that dissolve once water hits them while you are taking a shower because they are inside of a mesh bag that is hung from the shower head.  The purpose of a shower steamer is to provide an aroma therapy experience.  

After showering, allow your puck to dry.  Depending upon how often /or how long your shower is, will determine how long a shower steamer puck will last.

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WEIGHT: 5.70 ounces (each puck weighs 2 ounces)

TIPS: After showering allow product to dry completely before next use

DRY INGREDIENTS USED: Baking soda, Citric acid, Cream of tartar, Kaolin clay

OILS / BUTTERS USED: Grapeseed oil and Shea butter

OTHER GOODIES USED: Fragrances, Camphor / or Mentol

DIRECTIONS FOR USING PRODUCT: Remove plastic covering from one puck and place inside of the organza bag provided; hang bag from the shower head.  When water hits the steamer, it will begin to bubble and release pleasing vapors.

  • USAGE WARNING: Keep away from children.  Avoid contact with eyes. Do NOT use if there are open sores on your feet /or toes.  This is NOT a bath bomb!  If product contains Menthol /or Camphor, sitting in the water will result in an unpleasant experience causing irritation to those sensitive areas  Use wisely.  If allergic reaction occurs, STOP using this product.

*This product is coconut oil-free

*All of our products are Palm oil-free